The knot is the unitary element of macramé and it is the foundation of its load-bearing and constitutive structure.

The knot can also be considered as a basic element of our life as we conceive projects, create images and experience everyday encounters, thus weaving and intertwining the plot of our lives. The resulting shapes and colors are the expression of cosmic laws that lead us daily to the destined path.
Looking at the movement of the weaving of the knot, which crosses 3 times, you can penetrate the law and the primordial foundation that has created everything around us. The knot adorns and, in Greek, “adorn” means to accord with the Creator’s work.

In the image of the knot, the elements that make up the human being are clearly distinguished and represented in the shape of the triangle: thinking, feeling and will.

Thinking is the middle element; it is the Ego which, through its own feeling, becomes concrete thanks to will. If the Ego acts out the impulse of love, it works consciously for the good. The Ego is central in the encounter between feeling and wanting, the past and the future, binding and untying.
As in our lives, the inner balance gives harmony, so the knot, neither too tight nor too loose, is in balance and can be loosened or tightened depending on what we need. Each knot has its precise function in our life; it is an evolutionary piece that forms the project we want to achieve.


Let’s find out which knot and which project
harmonizes the spaces around you