My mission

I want to complete every home, workplace or common spaces with objects that have a profound meaning for those who observe them and that contain messages written precisely for those they are meant for.

Almadea is a company that creates Macramé in progress, in metamorphosis; it represents the change, evolution and innovation. Almadea is the perfume of a divine soul that expresses itself through the art of weaving.

It brings a higher-level change to the world and the symbol of the logo reflects this concept; the logo represents intertwined threads, which are the fusion between the past and the future and the image of a spiral that retraces its steps, but finds the drive to move forward. Going back is just the movement we need to go forward, grow and evolve in a cyclical way.
The fusion between the knot and the lemniscate (the symbol of infinity) represents the harmony between humanity and divinity. The object you choose will contain these profound messages; the material comes alive and fills with meaning.

Almadea treasures an ancient art

that plays its true role and has become
the bearer of beauty and universal truth to the world.

arazzo macramè

“Art makes you free because art is the consciousness of feeling” and you can adorn your home with this living art that intertwines with your sensations and gives every environment what you need.

Through the intertwining of macramé, Almadea becomes an alchemical tool of transformation: from spirituality to materiality, from top to bottom, from inside to outside, from small to large. It is an instrument in the hands of those who have it in their homes and in those who observe it. It is a decorative piece that stimulates you, makes you feel good, and harmonizes with the parts of you that are often too stressed by everyday life. It gives inner balance or energy because every shape is alive and active within you and it is what you need most.

The macramé piece is a concept that becomes an object, a material thing, and it becomes a tangible tool like a book:

if you read a book, what do you feel? Isn’t the book a tool? Thus, a small or large artistic piece of macramé connects you to a story, a sensation, an inner perception, a dance, a movement.

The shape of the Macramé piece speaks to our soul, it arouses emotions of rigidity and softness, involvement and detachment, togetherness and uniqueness.
All creation is founded on a straight line and a curved line: the straight line gives direction and the curved line embellishes it. Macramé uses these lines and is the art of decorating, Kosmein in Greek, which means to accord with nature, that is, with the work of the Creator. A macramé piece is a tool for self-discovery.

What makes you feel good?
Contact me and let’s create your unique piece of art together,
made just for you.

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Look for the piece of macramé that is most intertwined with your feeling